Madison Line Records is a Visible Music College global enterprise and operates as a non-profit, global, spiritual, professional, and academic company offering record label and music industry services to align artists with vision and purpose, focusing on Artist Development. Creating a product is one of the many goals of Madison Line Records, each beginning with the development of informed and successful artists.

We work in the seven sequential music industry areas of (1) Artist Development, (2) Publishing (separate agreements with writers), (3) Music Production, (4) Marketing, (5) Events (Booking), (6) Sales, and (7) Artist Care. Through Constant AttentionTM. Madison Line Records develops artists in global perspective, spiritual health, music industry experience, and music knowledge and understanding, creating a fertile opportunity for quick, purposed growth in artist’s creative product and career.

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200 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38103


Phone: 901.381.3939


Email: info@madisonlinerecords.com

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Crystal Bergman - crystal@madisonlinerecords.com