Madison Line Records is a division of Visible Music College and is a non-profit record label supporting original live and recorded music in multiple locations. We plan and expect several office locations globally over the next six years in our 2020x2020 plan. This document records the work of the label and the plan for regional locations. 

Madison Line Records works in six sequential areas of development within the music industry. 

• Artist Development and Management (Constant Attention/Artist Connect) 

• Publishing 

• Music Production 

• Marketing 

• Events/Booking/Tours 

• Sales/Merchandising 

Artist Development and Management Madison Line Records mobilizes the generous donations of supporters and matches with income from sales of live and recorded original music worldwide, creating a sustainable, contributor-based label operations. Madison Line Records manages several artists at one time from regional offices and manages numerous artist projects. This is Artist Connect: Supporter > Band > Fans > Label > Repeat 


Madison Line Records operates a publishing company with an extensive Visible Music College and Madison Line Records song catalog (Visible Songs, Beat Punk Initiative Publishing). The Publishing company works with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, CCLI, and strategic partners like Red Wax Publishing, Sycamore Pictures, and Music Powered Games for multiple streams of revenue. 

Music Production 

Madison Line Records operates three recording studios on Madison Avenue in Downtown Memphis. In addition, we partner with world famous Ardent Studios in Memphis, notable Gravity Studio in Chicago, and other regional recording facilities like The Grove in Memphis. The label records demos, EPs, CDs, and handles full production with mixing and mastering. 

Artist Connect 

As a 501(c)3, Madison Line Records is in a unique position to connect patrons and artists to financially support creative and career opportunities. Individuals and organizations with investment capital have the opportunity to invest in the creative work of music artists. Donors can specify the project they wish to endorse and commit support to individual artist projects or the general record label. 


Madison Line Records develops campaigns for artists to build social media prowess and add “hustle” to their work through the use of systems, regional offices, student workers, and interns. We’ve enjoyed some chart success with past projects and worked in the Nashville, New York, LA and European music industry through relationships. 


Madison Line Records books shows and tours, whether for a Madison Line artist or an independent. We develop a 10-15% model of revenue for multiple bands and for supporting the label through building annual revenue. Regional and international freelance booking agents are in our network and we maintain robust booking contacts for nationwide coverage of clubs, colleges, events, churches, and festivals. 


Madison Line Records builds touring merchandising systems for touring bands of all sizes, from students at Visible Music College to know acts. We utilize Shopify, TopSpin, Square, PayPal, iTunes, and the like for payment processing and develop online store methods for local and national orders. 

Regional Offices 

Regional office locations are established in locations near to centers of musical activity for growth in artist development and all six areas of development. Although each regional office may specialize in one of the six areas, all are required to pay attention to the holistic needs of the artist from artist development to sales and merch. 

Regional Office managers are considered staff of Visible Music College, compensated through the activities of the regional office and regional donations to the non-profit. 

Regional Managers participate in activities and planning each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) in conjunction with and in communication with the Memphis office. 

Examples of activities that regional offices can do regularly: 

  • Book bands regionally 
  • Find bands regionally for development 
  • Develop donors for the whole non-profit 
  • Host events for fundraising or for artists 
  • Work Google Docs on development of systems and planning 
  • Conference into classrooms and other regional activities/training 
  • Support the Memphis office with aligned help 
  • Host interns and student workers throughout the year 
  • Travel to events and regional festivals for promotion, recruitment, and fundraising 
  • Donations How to handle donations to the 501c3. 
  • Madison Line Records Donation Process 
  • Donor Write Check or Transfers Securities to Madison Line Records 

Madison Line Records Processes Donation and Retains 10% of Total for the following actions: 

1) Artist or Project Support

2) Project Budget Consultation; Project Reports 

3) Donation Processing, Disbursement and Receipting 

4) Social Media Stage One and Consultation 

5) Booking Consultation and Fee Services 

6) EPK Evaluation and Services